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How Do I List A Vehicle For Sale?

• Make sure you are logged in
• Click SUBMIT A VEHICLE on the Navbar
• Fill in all the required fields
• Click "Next Step"
• Select Added Extras the vehicle may have
• Click "Next Step"
• Click ‘Browse Photos’
• Select ALL images of the vehicle to be added
• Wait for all images to upload
• Choose the main image by marking it
• Click ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’
• Finally click ‘Complete Submission’
• Your new car will be listed.

What To Do IF I've Forgotten My Password?

Simply head over to the password recovery tool and using your email address or username you will be able to retrieve/reset it.

What Is The Cost?

A single vehicle is currently free no cost.
You can pay an extra for the car to have it in the ‘featured’ section for 1 Month which is visible on every page you visit as well as the first image(s) on the homepage.
For detailed prices for private sales or dealers, please visit the Pricing section found above.

How Do I Compare Vehicle Listings?

Underneath each car listing, there is a box that you can tick to add that specific car to a comparison table.
When you have selected the cars you would like to compare, please click on ‘Compare Cars’ button at top of the page.


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Latest Trini Cars For Sale!

Hyundai Tucson '2008
  • Location: Trinidad
  • Engine: 2.0L 4 cylinder, fuel injected, Gas
  • Mileage:  126000 km
  • Condition: used
Nissan Tiida '2005
  • Location: 
  • Engine: 1.5L, Gas
  • Mileage:  -
  • Condition: used
Nissan B13 '1989
  • Location: Trinidad
  • Engine: SR20 turbo.0L SR20 turbo, Gas
  • Mileage:  91132 km
  • Condition: used
Toyota Corolla '2002
  • Location: Trinidad
  • Engine: 1600.0L, Gas
  • Mileage:  -
  • Condition: used
Mazda Mazda3 '2008
  • Location: Trinidad
  • Engine: 1.5L vtec, Gas
  • Mileage:  135000 km
  • Condition: used
Mazda Mazda3 '2011
  • Location: Trinidad
  • Engine: 1.6L, Other
  • Mileage:  52000 km
  • Condition: used
Nissan Frontier '2005
  • Location: Trinidad
  • Engine: 2.7L TD27, Diesel
  • Mileage:  104000 km
  • Condition: used
Toyota Pickup '2008
  • Location: Trinidad
  • Engine: 3.0L D4D, Diesel
  • Mileage:  235000 km
  • Condition: used
Kia Sorento '2006
  • Location: Trinidad
  • Engine: 2500.0L na, Diesel
  • Mileage:  172000 km
  • Condition: used
Subaru Legacy '2009
  • Location: Trinidad
  • Engine: 2.0L Boxer, Gas
  • Mileage:  145037 km
  • Condition: used
Honda Civic '2012
  • Location: Trinidad
  • Engine: 1.6L i-VTEC, Gas
  • Mileage:  68000 km
  • Condition: used

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